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Secrets of the Rain

Title: Secrets of the Rain
Author: France aka Dove1211
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 1,074
Warnings: none?
Beta: My ever talented Rena elyxer Thank you so much my dear!
Status: Completed (One shot)
Summary: You never realize what you've got until it's gone.
Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, the story involved or the characters. This is merely for entertainment purposes only and to satisfy my fantasies. No copyright infringement is intended.


I stood, cold and silent, near the lake where we’d argued with my hand extended into the abyss that seemed to imprison me. It reached toward the sky as if trying to grasp some illusive shadow, or at the very least, to capture the essence that made each cloud transcendent. I couldn’t comprehend the reality of Harry being gone. I stretched my arm, wishing I could conjure him from the gapping void that defined my existence, so I’d be able to hold him one more time. My mind refused to accept the undeniable was over.

The rain wouldn’t stop. It was as if the universe was manifesting my emotions; the grey clouds provoked the darkness, taunting and daring it to devour every ounce of light and happiness that had ever touched my world. I felt unstable, raw and vulnerable, drowning in the heavy drops of the rain that washed the remnants of grief from my upturned face. The salty taste of the tears I was incapable of holding back remained in my mouth as a reminder of how fleetingly impossible an emotion like love was for a man like me.

I lowered my arm and closed my eyes, drawing on every ounce of memory until I could see him, standing before me. His handsome face distorted by a pleading expression. I could almost feel his fingers, ghosting across my cheeks and wiping away the tears as his lips curved into a sad little smile. He knew exactly what I was feeling because I’d never been able to hide anything from him; everything about me that was good and noble was only a reflection of him. He was Yin to my Yang...the best part of me, my soul mate. As I gazed, transfixed, into the depths of his eyes, a wealth of love so pure swelled, ensnaring me. That’s when I knew… I knew it wasn’t over. There was still a chance, regardless of how futile it seemed, for me to tell him.

My eyes snapped open and with a determination born of desperation, I chased after him. The heavy blanket of rain seemed to seep into the core of my body, forcing my muscles to struggle in order to maintain my momentum. I was cold, drenched, and breathless, but determined. It wasn’t too couldn’t be. Through the rain, darkness and my own tears, I saw Harry’s glistening figure in the distance. He was walking slowly towards the entrance of the castle as if he was purposely giving me the time I needed to change my mind and come after him. Blinking furiously, I focused my eyes on his slumped shoulders, watched as he collapsed on the steps, and felt my heart break all over again as he pressed his face against the palms of his hands, fighting the tremors that wracked his body so violently I could see him shaking from where I stood. It shredded me. I cursed myself for causing him so much pain, when all he’d ever done was offer me his heart and soul.

I had to fix this. “Harry!” My voice was strong with determination.

His head snapped up and turned in my direction. Even though he was drenched in water, cold as ice, and hurting, Harry still responded to my call. I ran to him, sinking down next to his shivering body and cupped his face in my hands, staring into his sparkling green eyes. In their glassy depths, I saw myself reflected; my pain, my desperation, my yearning, and my total devastation were all mirrored to perfection and easy for me to identify. It was time I stopped being so terrified of my feelings, and for once, be as honest with him as he’d always been with me.

“Harry, I’m so sorry. I’m not used to dealing with someone who isn’t trying to deceive me, use me for their own personal gain, or mould me into another version of themselves. I don’t have any experience with these feelings I have for you, and I have no idea how to show you. When I’m with you, I want to be a better person. I want to see a smile on your face and know I put it there. You’re my life, Harry, and I want another chance to prove that to you.”

I clamped my lips together, feeling the heat spread across my face even through the cold of the rain, but I refused to turn away...not this time, not ever again. I wouldn’t hide from him anymore.

His brilliant smile resonated through the silence. “Draco, what am I going to do with you?”

My lips curved upwards, forming what he always called my ‘evil smirk’, and I continued to stare into his eyes. “Love me, Harry...just love me.”

Harry grabbed the front of my robes, hauling me against his body before he slid his hands around my neck, gazing hungrily into my eyes. I was mesmerized by the exotic beauty of his emotions dancing openly through the deep green pools. He pressed his wet lips to mine; the barest whisper of a touch before pulling back and repeating it a second time with more force. Longing and yearning overwhelmed me, then my lips were parting, silently begging for his tongue to slide through and claim what would always belong only to him. His taste was intoxicating. If I spent the next hundred years tasting nothing else, I would never tire of it. The mixture of rain, tears, and him attacked my senses, and my body reacted, hardened, and submitted. Oh, how I wanted more...everything he had to give.

We grabbed each other’s hair, fingers flexed and tangled, struggling to deepen the kiss as if we were each afraid the other would pull away and disappear into the rain. Our tongues met, slid vigorously against one another, and parted only to meet again.

I held him tightly in my arms, silently vowing to never let him go. He was my other half and the very best part of me. He was and always would be mine.

I felt his heart beating against my chest, making me feel more alive than I ever had. A slight tremor ran through his body, but I knew it wasn’t caused by the cold air. So, I just held him tighter, letting the rain wash away all the painful tears, renewing our faith in one another and reestablishing our bond.

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