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Fic: Time Waits for No Man

Hi, I'm new to this comm, and to LJ in general *waves*
But I come breaing fic!
Please enjoy.

Title: Time Waits for No Man
Author: wiggle333
Pairings (other than H/D): some slight R/Hr
Rating: NC17, just to be safe
H/D. Story is AU from 6th year. Post Hogwarts. After finishing school Harry leaves England to study magic in Europe in the hope that one day he will return powerful enough to destroy Voldemort. When he returns 3 years later he is ready to face Voldemort, but is he ready to face his past and rebuild bridges which were burned years ago.
Possible Spoilers: Not really...makes slight reference to the end of OoTP
Warnings: SLASH (male/male)

Time Waits for No Man
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